Evocative imagery that creates connection for Dreamers, Creatives and Makers.


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At the end of this process you'll not only have images that evoke emotion, create connection, and elevate your brand, you'll have a biz cheerleader (that's me!) rooting you along as you continue to grow and thrive.

Your brand is your baby. You've put your heart and soul into every detail. You know who you are and what you and your business stand for, but when you take photos to share that with the world, it's just not translating.

This is where I can help. I'm not here to give you cookie cutter images that look just like everyone else's. I'm here to honor your brand, your vision, and what you've created. I'm here to capture all those details of how you create and how you uniquely serve your clients, because those moments are what make up your story.

I'm Taylor, Lead Photographer and Biz Cheerleader here at Taylor Jade Photography. Making people feel seen, heard and all around Awesome is my Superpower, so I've built a business around empowering Dreamers, Creator and Makers. I love being a fly on the wall, capturing the details of your process that might otherwise go unnoticed, or bringing to life the story behind your craft.

When I'm not photographing amazing people, you can typically find me listening to storytelling podcasts, enjoying a cup of coffee (or 4) or continuing my search for Arizona's Best Breakfast Burrito.

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i value..

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... in fellow artists and their dreams.

that stories are the most compelling way to communicate a message, and photography is a powerful medium for creating and sharing stories

that photography should foster an emotional connection

that craftsmanship takes time, care and attention to detail

I believe...

Treasure Hunting. Thrift stores, antique shops, or online sales boards, I love them all! Finding a unique piece with its own history makes my day.  

Travel. I’m always down for an excuse to hit the road or hop on a plane. Iceland, New Zealand and Scotland are currently at the top of my list of places I want to experience. 

Cold Brew, Dirty Chai, or a good Cappuccino (I.e. caffeine) 

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